Thundercat Racing

It’s an adrenaline pumping sport attracting enthusiasts from all over the world. Thundercat racing has become one of the adrenaline pumping adventures among all the best surf beaches in the country. Whangamata, Waihi, Waipu, Papamoa, Pauanui, Orewa, Takapuna Beach Piha and Mount Maunganui are where the Thundercat racers roll. So make it to Auckland this May for an adventurous sightsee at the Orewa Beach.

Come to see the actions and excitement of two people in a tunnel hulled inflatable boat at the Orewa Beach this May. It’s on Saturday the 12th from morning till noon offering the best action filled entertainment ever.

Jump on board and be there to watch this amazing sport becoming popular day by day attracting attention of sponsors and partners. Keeping the spectators on the edge by the end, offering remarkable performances and making it a lifestyle, Thundercat racing is one of a kind sport for those who seek excitement, action and adventure.

Fascinating actions you mustn’t fail to miss are the twists and turns and jumps in the surf reaching 80kph. The finishing is marvellous where the boats need to make it to the shore and the co-pilots need to run to finish the line. Be there to enjoy the skids, leaps, and runs of the boats and players together at the Thundercat Racing this May at Auckland, Orewa Beach.

Autumn Trotting Carnival

Make it to Auckland to watch one of the best events in the harness racing calendar this April. Held on 20th April, 27th April and 4th May at the Alexandra Park Raceway, Autumn Trotting Carnival attracts packed crowds enthusiasts.
Renowned as one of the largest racing events, be there to witness New Zealand’s top drivers, horses and trainers killing to compete to earn some of the biggest and most valuable prizes in the industry.
There is something for everyone at Alexandra Park – entertainment at its best with food and drinks to pamper you. Starting after breaking dusk, the sights, the races are exciting and fascinating.
Pick your favourite place to get fantastic views from Top of the Park, Tasman Room to The Alex Bar & Eatery. Here’s a tip-off to what’s in store at these luxury hospitality options including premium gourmet buffets, beverage packages, race books for each guests to tote facilities with monitors. Check our cheap flights to Auckland, cheap flights to Wellington listings to find out our special offers.

Auckland Night Market

Hosting at two great places offering two awesome night market experience, it is a must on the top of your itinerary while in Auckland.

Ending this galore of exciting market spree on the 13th of May, visit Westfield Shopping Center at Pakuranga on Saturday or Westfield Shopping Center at Glenfield North Shore or shop at both for a fantastic experience.

Amidst the bustling crowds of over 1000 visitors, there are over 200 stalls of everything and anything. Savour and tantalise your tastebuds with delicacies from around the world at 70-80 amazing food stalls. Other stalls include jewellery, cosmetics, accessories, art and crafts. Shop, shop and shop till you drop at the Auckland Night Market this 2012. Check our cheap flights to Auckland cheap flights to Wellington listings to get the best deal.

Free and live entertainment is guaranteed at its best. Take your kids to let them have time with funny and colourful clowns to kiddie rides. Experience a mind-blowing foot massage with your loved ones or enjoy an airbrush tattoo with all your friends. There are cultural performances to keep you mesmerized and musical entertainment by Syndicate Music.

Check out the Facebook page for more updates and join us there to put up your comments, your experiences and best captures too.

Be there with your families, friends and loved ones to have an unforgettable day with everlasting memories at the Auckland Night Market.

Amazing Maze n Maize

Looking for a place to have some family time – this is the best place to be with your kids and loved ones for a fantabulous time.
Amazing Maze ‘n Maize is an awesome family fun event for all those seeking for a great family adventure. Filled with excitements, clues and a range of activities, find your way out in the maze in an enormous cornfield.
Amazing maze is a maze cut out from a vast maize field. Finishing this 29th April, hurry and sign up with your families to have fun in a maze by reserving your cheap flights to Auckland cheap flights to Wellington with us. The Amazing Maze features a variety of activities starting from a viewing bridge, kernels of knowledge trivia within the maize maze and over dozens of quizzes. 2012 Amazing Maze theme is to ‘Get Wired’. Make it to the rural Auckland in south and get lost and come out with the signs and clues left at each intersection. Dont worry the lifeguards will save you if you really get lost with the clues.
Amazing Maze is right next to the Spookers Haunted Attraction Theme park. Enjoy the picturesque sights of rural Auckland in Karaka on your way to Amazing Maze for a fun filled day.

Festival of Cultures – 2012

Keep this Saturday the 24th of March free for an amazing day of fun. Make it to the Square at Palmerston North to celebrate a blend of cultures and a variety of festivities. The festival is lit up and begun with a lantern parade to The Square and the rest will unfold to keep you awe and amazed. It’s a great chance to celebrate the diverse cultures, arts, music and lifestyles together at the most popular community event – Festival of Cultures 2012. Don’t miss the wonderful moments to cherish book your cheap flights to Auckland, cheap flights to Wellington with us and enjoy the festival of cultures.
Dont miss this eventful day for there are ample things to do, activities to mingle and experiences to explore. Take your friends and families to the entertainment free zone filled with an array of exciting starting from food, music, arts, crafts, fashion, performances, photography and many more. Pick your favourite or be there to enjoy the novelty and diversity of cultures.
Heaps of fun and loads of exciting activities await you at this fabulous cultural festival. Indulge in variety of cuisines to listen to a range of music and appreciate the different talents of diverse cultures.

Milan Fashion Week

Take a trip to the fashion hub of Italy to envy and enjoy the world of glitz and glamour. It’s the start of the Milan Fashion Week featuring fabulous cat walks, unravelling the latest trends, styles and designs of world class fashion designers and many more. Starting on 22nd Feb at the Milano Fashion Center, be there to witness the hour glass figure models to breathtaking galas all throughout the week. Check out our cheap flights to Auckland and cheap flights to Wellington.

Invitees only Milan Fashion Week, it’s always one of the best times of the year to make a visit to one of the finest cities in Europe. Although invitees only, it’s a season to experience in Milan, Italy with a cup of coffee and a slice of pizza.

Glam and fame sweep the city with the presence of fashionistas all over. The streets are alive with fashion tourists and the fabulous shopping experiences are mind-blowing. Shop, shop and shop till you drop! Enjoy the international fashion labels and the hot new styles on the mannequins during the Milan Fashion Week.

Brazil Summer Fashion

Fashion never sleeps and never dies. Fashion enthusiasts, models to be, beach lovers to anyone and everyone are invited to one of the best fashion shows of the year. It’s here in Auckland this December for an awesome sneak peak and a night full of entertainment.

Make it to the 291 Queen Street for a night of fiestas and show pieces of latest and trendiest beach wear and fitness wear. You’ll love every bit of it. Dont miss it as it’s just three days before Christmas on 22nd December, so reserve your cheap flights wellington and cheap flights to queenstown with us.

Plan your dates and travel to Auckland to be there at the 2011 Brazil Summer Fashion. One of the events you don’t want to miss. Featuring Brazilian models show off the most trendiest and stylish beach wear will simply awe-struck you.

Be a part of the glitzy and glamorous evening starting at 6pm onwards. Opening the ceremony with a samba performance is breathtaking and mind-blowing. The event features two of the best skin care products and ample discount vouchers for great deals and offers. Dont miss it and have no regrets – to make it to this gala event of Brazil Summer Fashion.

What’s inshore for you after fashion show is even more inviting and nothing more than the best. The After party with DJ Logikal brings you the hottest, grooving club party music. Visit our cheap flights to wellington and cheap flights to queenstown to find out more details flights availability.

Make-A-Wish-Fundraiser 2011

Children love Santa, gifts and altogether the whole of Christmas Season. Make-A-Wish New Zealand hosts this event for the raise funds for children with life threatening illnesses.

We give the Christmas spirit with a line of surprises from circus to cruise and scrumptious meals. Be a part of this amazing miracle to give joy and hope to the needy children.  Be there at this special program on 19th December from 9am to 2pm for a fabulous times giving joy and happiness to those children all throughout the year.

Dont miss this opportunity book your cheap flights to Auckland and cheap flights to Christchurch with us. A breathtaking circus performance will start your day off at the cruise liner. The floating circus is indeed a performance that wills take you by surprise at the Pacific Pearl’s atrium. Witness the professional acrobats and their aerial displays with a sip of your favourite beverage to wines and beer while tantalising your taste buds with mouth-watering appetizers.

A Christmas themed lunch awaits you at the Waterfront restaurant with a four course meal. Dont miss the good food, great performance and a fantastic cruise ride.

Open to all ages, so take your kids and enjoy the show and give hope to bring joy the terminally ill children around the nation.

Puhinui International Three Day Equestrian Event

Dont miss this three day amazing event amidst the joyful Christmas season. Take your families or visit with your friends to see this fabulous three day show in Auckland this December. Book with us your cheap flights to Auckland and cheap flights to Wellington and enjoy our special offers.

The event unfolds a range of events to mesmerise the first time visitors and keep you locked to Puhinui Reserve all three eventful days. The three days goes as dressage, cross country and show jumping. Highlighting the best equestrian riders to finest players in the sport with their blood in horses is simply mind-blowing.
Overlooking the harbour at the Puhinui Peninsula and the cheer of the diehard fans will make it alive and rocking. Hosting at the breathtaking Puhinui Reserve and overlooking the Manukau Harbour, it’s an event you don’t want to miss.
Free Entry and Free Parking – what more can you ask for. Rent a car and travel on your own for a great trip ahead of you in Auckland.
Come down to Puhinui Reserve to attend this one of a kind event on 9th December to 11th December. Fantastic views and close ups for those dying fans invites all equestrian sport lovers around the world to make it to Auckland this December.

TelstraClear Challenge

If this sounds interesting, rent a bike and ride along with the rest at the TelstraClear Challenge.
Along scenic country roads and gravel roads to across the famous Auckland Harbour Bridge and Northern Busway – cycling has never been more fun and interesting. Make it here to enjoy Christmas and cycling at once and spend the 2012 New Year celebrations in Auckland. After a day out riding, join the entertainment, food and fun at the Smales Farm Community Bike Festival. So are you willing to take a ride? Book your cheap flights to Christchurch and cheap flights to Auckland with us.
Open for all ages, so get your bike and join the club for fun at the TelstraClear Challenge. Love the breathtaking sceneries to gentle winds and unique road rides with TelstraClear Challenge. You’ll love it. Take your whole family for a fabulous vacation to Auckland to have an awesome time at the TelstraClear Challenge. Numbers are limited hence does your booking early.
The challenge is open to everyone and anyone who has the passion to ride. From elites, teenagers, adventure lovers, leisurely travellers to just about anyone are welcome to take up the TelstraClear Challenge.
Are you ready for this challenge – then be there at Auckland for an amazing Sunday. Bring your own bikes or rent a bike for a fun filled journey across Auckland’s finest and unique roads.