The Meridian Season of the Sleeping Beauty

One of the grandest performances in 2011 is the ‘Meridian Season of the Sleeping Beauty’. We all know the fairy tale story of the curses and magical romance of sleeping beauty. Well it’s the same old story but with extravagant sets and props with brilliant choreography and lavish costumes. One of the must see ballets of all times.
The touch of music and lighting is simply amazing. The performance is a pure perfection and a marvelous piece of art. Don’t miss it. Enjoy this breathtaking two hour performance observing the flawless ballet dancers. It’s fantastic and magical. Make your presence on Meridian Season by booking your cheap flights to Auckland and cheap flights to Christchurch with us.
Book it in advance as the audience is filling up the spaces. Featuring at three of the internationally acclaimed venues in Auckland, time is running out. Be there to watch this enchanting story of sleeping beauty with a stunning ballet performance. Be there on 30th November to 4th December.

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