Words on Small Island Book Festival 2011

There’s always an event that appeals to all kinds of travellers when visiting Auckland. The multiculture has open doors for all kinds of festivals that are full of life.
Make it here this time to enjoy the very best of an international book festival – ‘Words on a Small Island 2011’. They call is a festival but we call it a paradise full of book lovers, poetic addicts and art enthusiasts. It’s an absolute treat for.
It’s a whole new experience beyond books from exhibitions to interactions with celebrity poets, artisans and writers. From 4th November to 6ht November, BE THERE for a one of a kind experience and be a part of the gala opening with festive exhibitions on the Island of Waiheke.

Gather around to readings at the barn with a bunch of national and local storytellers and local poets. For added fun sign up for the book launch of A Messy Affair by Caroline Lark or join a cup of tea with the famous antiquarian book expert Anah Dunsheath and Laurence Fearnley. These are just a few eavesdrops of what’s featuring. What’s in store for you will simply blow your mind. Get your cheap flights to Auckland and cheap flights to Wellington with the airfares market leader and participate in the book festival.

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