Taste of New Zealand

Visit this simple city of elegant culture to savor a three day festival of delectable food.

This is a shout out to all those who loves to tantalize their taste buds at the most tremendous Culinary Festival for Taste of New Zealand. Showpieces of cooking adventures to amazing food tasting tours will take your breath away.

Enjoy and be right here in Auckland at the grandest festival of all for ‘Taste of New Zealand’. It’s a four day festival hosting over thousands of international and local dishes and involving the greatest talent chefs together with world class food and drink produces.

Star awarded chefs from around the world will be there to entertain you with their magical demonstrations and signature dishes. You’ll love it and crave for more.

This is a tiny spill to what it tastes like on this upcoming fantastic four days: Close up chats with the Waiwera Chef’s Table, cooking demonstrations at Fisher & Paykel Chef’s kitchen and Whiskey Masterclasses followed by live entertainment from your favourite musicians Peter Ulrich, Nathan Haines and Caitlin Smith Trio.

Be there to take part in an amazing festival of world class cuisines at the hands of magical chefs. So don’t miss it and definitely be there at the evergreen Victoria Park from 19th October to 22nd October!  Reserve your cheap flights to Christchurch or cheap flights to Auckland with us and win exciting tutorials on food festival Auckland.

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