Tongariro Eruption in New Zealand

Mount Tongariro is a dormant volcano in the North Island of New Zealand. It is widely famous for the Tongariro Alpine Crossing among trekkers. Usually around 80,000 people cross along all year around in which the peak season is during October to April.
Mount Tongariro erupted, after 115 years, spewing ashes over four miles high up in the sky. The ash clouded and disrupted all air and land travel. The powerful eruption was a spectacular sight creating a withdrawal as well as a drawcard of visitors to Mount Tongariro. Cheap Flights to Auckland
The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is closed down for further investigations. Trapped trekkers and hikers during the eruption were evacuated. Some ski fields are open for business while the mountains are closed for visitors. However, this has created a dilemma in travel plans for many travellers leading to several booking cancellations.
The eruption has also affected the neighbouring ski resort Mt Ruapehu. The ski fields are open for the public although visitors showed reluctance after the active volcano.
Simultaneous to the series of cancellations, it has attracted a crowd of passionate curios to see the active vent. In a positive outlook, the eruption of the Mount Tongariro itself could be an attraction in the summer. People could see a newly erupted volcano this vacation!

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