Autumn Trotting Carnival

Make it to Auckland to watch one of the best events in the harness racing calendar this April. Held on 20th April, 27th April and 4th May at the Alexandra Park Raceway, Autumn Trotting Carnival attracts packed crowds enthusiasts.
Renowned as one of the largest racing events, be there to witness New Zealand’s top drivers, horses and trainers killing to compete to earn some of the biggest and most valuable prizes in the industry.
There is something for everyone at Alexandra Park – entertainment at its best with food and drinks to pamper you. Starting after breaking dusk, the sights, the races are exciting and fascinating.
Pick your favourite place to get fantastic views from Top of the Park, Tasman Room to The Alex Bar & Eatery. Here’s a tip-off to what’s in store at these luxury hospitality options including premium gourmet buffets, beverage packages, race books for each guests to tote facilities with monitors. Check our cheap flights to Auckland, cheap flights to Wellington listings to find out our special offers.

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