New World Tour de Wakatipu

Just a few more days for the fantastic mountain bike adventure along valleys, mountains, rivers and all in the tracks and trails of Wakatipu.

Travellers on holidays could be a part of this amazing tour. Get on the recreational course covering 35km of beautiful sceneries. However, if you are part of adrenaline pumping, excitement seekers, then sign up with the rough and tough 45 km course for sport riders. Love the bumps, pits and mud along the course starting at the Millbrook Resort in Arrowtown to Chard Farm Kawarau River.

No restrictions on ages so bring your kids, families, and friends and loved ones for an exciting adventure starting from the Millbrook Resort. Get your cheap flights to Auckland cheap flights to Wellington right away from us.

The New World Tour de Wakatipu is not just riding around trails and tracks but the finishing line is promising than ever. Be the first, the second, third or last, the finishing line is filled up with all the entertainment, food and drinks you’ve needed to freshen up.

Take a ride along the picturesque city and enjoy an evening of musical entertainment with a glass of the finest wines at the New World Tour de Wakatipu.

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