The New Zealand Beer Festival 2012

Celebrate the beer festival with the kiwis at Queens Wharf. End the month pouring beer and sipping your favourite from over a dozen of varieties. The summer sets right atmosphere drink, dance and enjoy the event.

Since its beginning in 2006, the festival has gained much popularity among the kiwis as well as travellers from around the world. Over 70 different beers to choose from, the ambiance is simply amazing at the waterfront in Queens Wharf, the blend of hype music and mouth-watering food completes the rest.  Reserve your cheap flights to Auckland, cheap flights to Wellington to participate in the Beer Festival.

Drink all you can from noon to midnight at the New Zealand Beer Festival. Take a trip down with your friends to celebrate anything and everything starting from April’s Fools the very next day. So what are you waiting for, grab some hot deals and make your way to feast and merry make at this eventful Beer Festival.

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