Red Bull City Scramble

Make it to Auckland this April to catch a glimpse of the world’s best bikers. Supporting adventure and excitement, Red Bull sponsors and hosts one of the toughest erudo cross races competing for the City Scramble 2012. Dont miss the opportunity obtain your cheap flights to Auckland, cheap flights to Wellington and enjoy the Scramble.
Challenges and obstacles are ample and some are simply unbelievable. Riding from rocks, logs to water and dirt are some of the amazing slots you shouldn’t miss at this race.
Over 15,000 spectators cheering for their favourite players and countries will surround the entire race course. Bikers are from all over including the NZ best Enduro – Chris Birch will be among them.
Amidst the water, dirt and dust, find out who will be crowned the champion of Red Bull City Scramble 2012. Dont miss it at 10 in the morning at Downtown Auckland this April 1st. This entrance free challenging game is nothing but the best to offer to all die hard adventure sports lovers. Grab your tickets and make it here to witness an amazing race.

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