Brazil Summer Fashion

Fashion never sleeps and never dies. Fashion enthusiasts, models to be, beach lovers to anyone and everyone are invited to one of the best fashion shows of the year. It’s here in Auckland this December for an awesome sneak peak and a night full of entertainment.

Make it to the 291 Queen Street for a night of fiestas and show pieces of latest and trendiest beach wear and fitness wear. You’ll love every bit of it. Dont miss it as it’s just three days before Christmas on 22nd December, so reserve your cheap flights wellington and cheap flights to queenstown with us.

Plan your dates and travel to Auckland to be there at the 2011 Brazil Summer Fashion. One of the events you don’t want to miss. Featuring Brazilian models show off the most trendiest and stylish beach wear will simply awe-struck you.

Be a part of the glitzy and glamorous evening starting at 6pm onwards. Opening the ceremony with a samba performance is breathtaking and mind-blowing. The event features two of the best skin care products and ample discount vouchers for great deals and offers. Dont miss it and have no regrets – to make it to this gala event of Brazil Summer Fashion.

What’s inshore for you after fashion show is even more inviting and nothing more than the best. The After party with DJ Logikal brings you the hottest, grooving club party music. Visit our cheap flights to wellington and cheap flights to queenstown to find out more details flights availability.

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