GT Radial Thunder in the Park

This is a shout out to those who thinks, sports is life. The GT Radial Thunder in the Park is a massive event attracting over hundreds in NZ and around the world. NZ sport cars, the best saloon cars in NZ, Bridgestone Porsche, Formula First and many more simply awaits the diehard fans to catch a glimpse and spend the day at the GT Radial Thunder in the Park. Make it there to see the stunning classic car collection on display. Be it your hobby or if this sounds interesting, be there by booking into your favourite airline to Auckland NOW!! Dont miss a blink for the races are spectacular and unimaginable.

Featuring over 20 races, you’ll be mesmerizing and hanging by the edge of your seats to steal breathtaking moments. A fascinating event and entrance free for all die hard sports fans, car lovers and everybody else. Enjoy the luscious lunches and entertainment. Good food and good entertainment all throughout the day from 9 am to 5 pm. Dont miss this once in a life time opportunity. Book in advance and be there now on Saturday 4th December for one of the best times in your life. If sports is your passion and cars are your life, take that 30 minute ride to Auckland to be a part of the show. Are you ready to face to thunder? Book your cheap flights to Auckland and  cheap flights to Christchurch with us and join the spectacular event.

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