New World Wonders

Every summer, UNESCO names new cultural and natural wonders to the World Heritage List. It is renowned for outstanding universal value. Here is the list of the newest additions that may provoke another globetrotting experience. Auckland Flights.

• Rock Islands Southern Lagoon, Palau
• Lena Pillars Nature Park, Russia
• Bali Province’s Subak System, Indonesia
• Margavial Opera House, Bayreuth, Germany
• Landscape of Grand Pre, Canada
• Rio de Janeiro, Carioca Landscape
• Sangha Trinational, Cameroon
• Site of Xanadu, China
• Pearling, Bahrain
• Lakes of Ounianga, Chad

Tongariro Eruption in New Zealand

Mount Tongariro is a dormant volcano in the North Island of New Zealand. It is widely famous for the Tongariro Alpine Crossing among trekkers. Usually around 80,000 people cross along all year around in which the peak season is during October to April.
Mount Tongariro erupted, after 115 years, spewing ashes over four miles high up in the sky. The ash clouded and disrupted all air and land travel. The powerful eruption was a spectacular sight creating a withdrawal as well as a drawcard of visitors to Mount Tongariro. Cheap Flights to Auckland
The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is closed down for further investigations. Trapped trekkers and hikers during the eruption were evacuated. Some ski fields are open for business while the mountains are closed for visitors. However, this has created a dilemma in travel plans for many travellers leading to several booking cancellations.
The eruption has also affected the neighbouring ski resort Mt Ruapehu. The ski fields are open for the public although visitors showed reluctance after the active volcano.
Simultaneous to the series of cancellations, it has attracted a crowd of passionate curios to see the active vent. In a positive outlook, the eruption of the Mount Tongariro itself could be an attraction in the summer. People could see a newly erupted volcano this vacation!

Matariki Festival 2012

Auckland is alive and kicking from 21 June to 21 July with the Matariki Festival.
When the Matariki star cluster rises up the skies on 21 June, it’s a sign to everyone for a month full of celebrations and festivities. Thriving in rich cultural scene and Maori traditions, Auckland is a place to be this June and July. Check and book your cheap flights to Auckland with us.
There are ample traditional celebrations to awe the cultural lovers and lots of family events for joyous day outs and a series of other entertaining activities. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in store for the upcoming Matariki Festival 2012:
• Stars of Matariki at the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre
• Nga Korero Tataki at Auckland Museum
• Tamaki Makaurau Senior Kapa Haka Competition
• Maui Magic Tour
• Matariki Wananga a Kai Food Forum
• New Zealand Post Manu Aute (Kite) Day
• Atamira Dance

Zoolympics 2012

It’s an invitation from the Auckland Zoo!
From running, hanging, hopping and jumping to many more – meet the 10 Zoolympics Challenges to strike all gold to be the champion at the Zoolympics 2012!
Cheetahs run fast, kangaroos jump high, gibbons hang on for long, stand in one leg like flamingos and reach heights like the giraffes.
Be an official athlete and see what’s in you to strike all gold to win. How far will you go or how fast will you go to get the gold sticker!
From 30 June to 12 August, don’t miss this fun filled event for your young challengers and competitors. Fly to Auckland with us now.
Zoo entry fees are the same for adults and kids while it’s free for those are friends with the zoo. What’s stopping you for to give your kids an absolute treat the Auckland Zoolympics 2012? Make it to Auckland Zoo this June to August to spend quality family time with your loved ones.

Auckland Restaurant Month 2012

Beginning with a glamorous launch party through a degusting style opening, there is a series of some of the finest restaurants in town to serve you better and bigger. Auckland Restaurant Month 2012 runs through the entire month. It’s deliciously different and fabulously extravagant! Dont miss it and an invitation to all those food lovers and everyone interested.
Celebrity chefs from award winning restaurants to amazing cooking demonstrations to wine tastings and wine matching amidst an array of entertainment mingled with food. Make it every Wednesday of the month of August to see a variety of popular dishes recreated in to more luscious foodies in some of the best restaurants in the city. Find and compare cheap flights to Auckland with us.
While feasting on the lavish specialties, it’s a month of fun for the food enthusiasts to win a $10000 worth of dining experience by simply savouring in one of the restaurants participating in the Auckland Restaurant Month
Auckland is the dinning precent this August. Feed your senses and feast on the mouth-watering delights to tantalise your tastebuds in this vibrant restaurant scene.

Zirka Circus

Proudly presenting to the kiwis for the successful second time is the contemporary circus – Zirka Circus! Ensure to be there at their new show ‘Out of This World’ to enjoy a series of mind-blowing performances.

Zirka Circus is owned and operated by Jeni Hou promises an enthralling show and a unique experience to all ages. Be amazed by their team of stunning international artists, brightly coloured clowns and the skilful acrobats. The acts are marvellous keeping you on the edge of the chairs to belly laughing at the amazing performances by the clowns. You’ll be gripping and mesmerised by the acrobats while they perform. One of the newest additions to the show is the motorbike Globe of Death.

This two hour circus show is tempting than you think so go hunt for its next venue for more excitement and magnificent performances. From 17th May to 27th May at the William Fraser Memorial Park in Whangarei presents the incredible Zirka Circus. Find out more by being part of the Zirka Circus by travelling to Auckland.

Women’s Lifestyle Expo

Keep your weekend free this 19th and 20th of May for a great day out with your girls. It’s the Women’s’ Lifestyle Expo featuring an array of everything and anything women love. Be there to drop by over 160 stalls of exhibitors promoting fashion and beauty products, fitness and wealth programs, home decors, food and wine sampling to business and educational products and services. Get together with Auckland flights and have fun.

It’s a great opportunity to all you ladies out there looking for a fabulous day out. The Expo presents:

• Cooking demonstrations
• Style workshops
• New taste zone
• New fashion zone
• New parent and child zone

Sign up one of these, consult to enjoy the best, sample from a wide range and venture in to your favourite at the Women’s Lifestyle Expo. What’s more exciting than being a luck expo visitor to win a brand new Suzuki Splash!

It’s all about women and if you’re one, keeps your weekends locked with us! Make it to the Claudelands Event Center in Hamilton this weekend to indulge in a women’s world. Take some time for yourself this weekend with the girls and have a fantastic time at the Women’s Lifestyle Expo.

High Tea for Variety – Auckland

Celebrations for mother’s day are around the corner in Auckland and worldwide. Variety, the children’s charity, has a special program on the 13th of May to enjoy this special day. Inviting guests of all ages, the charity house organizes a high tea party for all the fabulous ladies out there. It’s a lavish occasion with a glass of bubble to fruity juice on arrival not forgetting a bad of goodies too.

Keep it locked and free for two hours this Sunday afternoon at the Heritage Hotel Auckland. Variety hosts a scheduled program for entertainment accompanied by delicious food, stylish fashion and youth choir. The Kids Republic fashion show will definitely take your breath away and the choir mesmerises you. Taste the variety with cheapest flights

It’s not about the enormous contributions, but a little bit of your time to participate at this high tea event to light up hope for the kids with special medical needs.

Be there at the Heritage Hotel at Hobson Street in Grand Tearoom for a charitable high tea party this Sunday on Mother’s Day.

Thundercat Racing

It’s an adrenaline pumping sport attracting enthusiasts from all over the world. Thundercat racing has become one of the adrenaline pumping adventures among all the best surf beaches in the country. Whangamata, Waihi, Waipu, Papamoa, Pauanui, Orewa, Takapuna Beach Piha and Mount Maunganui are where the Thundercat racers roll. So make it to Auckland this May for an adventurous sightsee at the Orewa Beach.

Come to see the actions and excitement of two people in a tunnel hulled inflatable boat at the Orewa Beach this May. It’s on Saturday the 12th from morning till noon offering the best action filled entertainment ever.

Jump on board and be there to watch this amazing sport becoming popular day by day attracting attention of sponsors and partners. Keeping the spectators on the edge by the end, offering remarkable performances and making it a lifestyle, Thundercat racing is one of a kind sport for those who seek excitement, action and adventure.

Fascinating actions you mustn’t fail to miss are the twists and turns and jumps in the surf reaching 80kph. The finishing is marvellous where the boats need to make it to the shore and the co-pilots need to run to finish the line. Be there to enjoy the skids, leaps, and runs of the boats and players together at the Thundercat Racing this May at Auckland, Orewa Beach.

Autumn Trotting Carnival

Make it to Auckland to watch one of the best events in the harness racing calendar this April. Held on 20th April, 27th April and 4th May at the Alexandra Park Raceway, Autumn Trotting Carnival attracts packed crowds enthusiasts.
Renowned as one of the largest racing events, be there to witness New Zealand’s top drivers, horses and trainers killing to compete to earn some of the biggest and most valuable prizes in the industry.
There is something for everyone at Alexandra Park – entertainment at its best with food and drinks to pamper you. Starting after breaking dusk, the sights, the races are exciting and fascinating.
Pick your favourite place to get fantastic views from Top of the Park, Tasman Room to The Alex Bar & Eatery. Here’s a tip-off to what’s in store at these luxury hospitality options including premium gourmet buffets, beverage packages, race books for each guests to tote facilities with monitors. Check our cheap flights to Auckland, cheap flights to Wellington listings to find out our special offers.